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We value our patients' experience at Lifeforce Chiropractic, LLC. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. April Little
Your Vernon Chiropractor

I have been a patient of a few (3)chiropractors over the past 20 years and Dr. Little and her associate are by far the most thorough that I have seen.  She takes the time to diagnose your issue, explain treatment plan and then execute the plan.  After weeks of adjustments you get another evaluation which she compares and EXPLAINS the difference in the changes to your spine.  It is amazing with the changes. If your back or neck is giving you problems you should give this doctor a call.

Scott C.

Prior to my first consultation at LifeForce Chiropractic, LLC I was, let’s say, a skeptic regarding Chiropractors and the value of chiropractic as a Wellness solution. As an avid Golfer  , the most important part of my game at the time was a bottle of Advil.  After 18 Holes I would limp home and spend the rest of the day on the couch. I had actually resolved myself to a life of Sciatic misery until the day my wife helped me up the stairs to Lifeforce. That was 9 years and a lifetime of pain ago.

Dr. April and the staff at Lifeforce nurtured me along a path of regular adjustments and lessons in proper stretching techniques designed specifically to treat my issues. The care and support I have received since then has resulted in something I could never imagine; pain free Golf and regular exercise which has also resulted in a lighter more flexible ME. . I am stronger and heathier than I have ever been thanks to a push from my wife and my extended family at LifeForce Chiropractic!

Oh, by the way, the only bottle in my golf bag these days is a water bottle!

Mark E.


Thank you for your care and help. 

You will never understand how much it meant to me to escape that pain! 

Bless you,
Sheila K.

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your care and concern.  You're the best!  I've learned so much from you about my health and I couldn't imagine being without your care.  You keep me well, body and spirit!  Your a gift I give to myself each time I visit.  Thank you!

Mary G.

“I had a lot of back pain while pregnant with my second child. My baby boy was breech starting from 5 months up through to 1 week before his due date. I was put on bed rest at 6 months. I had several ultrasounds and it was looking like I was headed for a C-Section. 

As a former patient of LifeForce Chiropractic, I chose to turn to Dr. Little for help, as I did not want a C-Section. At first I was unsure of how we would proceed and what might happen. Dr. Little told me about a specific treatment to help the baby get his head down and in the correct position so hopefully I could avoid a C-Section.

In the beginning of my treatment there was some discomfort but it got easier as we did more treatments. When my baby boy finally turned over it was painful but in a short time the pain subsided.

I was nervous at first but ended up very happy with the results and not having to have a C-Section. The delivery itself was much easier, only 2 pushes and my once breech baby was here with no complications!  The morning after my delivery I was back to myself and was able to do everything for my baby. I also was able to get home quickly from the hospital and do things with my two girls that I wasn’t able to do during the pregnancy.”

Sara O.

"I am an 80 year old widow, a mom of 3, grandma of 6, a great grandma of one “On the way.” I started with back pain at age 20 (plagued with lower back and neck pains). My physician diagnosed my condition as 'nervous' or (rather nervous condition). I had 2 children and was pregnant with my third. The pain was unbearable so I went to an orthopedic and a neuro-surgeon. The x-rays showed and “Oversized bouncing disk” damaging the sciatic nerves in my legs. They advised me to stay in bed the remaining 6 months of pregnancy. I felt depressed and hopeless. A friend handed me a card with the name of a chiropractor (having “not a clue” who he was). My husband urged me to go, so with no exceptions about going, I went.

The chiropractor showed me a skeleton and explained “manipulation” and what he would do. He proceeded to work on my spine and when he finished, my hubby and I left the office and I no sooner got to the car, and realized all the pains were gone! I did not believe it! I was able to care for my family, but after my 3rd child was born, I had to go in for surgery. The disk ruptured, caused much nerve, muscle, and tendon damage. Then followed a vicious cycle of physical therapy, pills, and massages and even tried acupuncture with very little relief. I became limited in what I enjoyed doing. Like bowling, ice skating, and hiking with the family. I proceeded to seek out another chiropractor as the one I had retired. He helped me quite a bit never the less, I went in for a second surgery and they did two fusions on the lower back. My last surgery was in the year 2000, and came out no better.

I had developed much scar tissue, so once again I proceeded to seek out another chiropractor. I realized that every chiropractor has their own technique. Again, I ran into someone at the senior center and she told me about April Little in Vernon. I made an appointment and was very much impressed and amazed how technology in the chiropractic field had advanced. My story is short and in hindsight.
(I regress)… 47 years ago, chiropractors were not recognized in the medical field as they are today. So many have discouraged me from going to them, but I thank God for them. For they have kept this “Happy Camper” out of a wheelchair. I continue to go to Dr. April and am able to enjoy yoga and exercises at the Senior Center and other activities.

Marie M.

“For a period of years, I had a very severe, sharp stabbing neck pain that woulliterally immobilize my head from moving until the pain subsided.  These episodes became more severe and occurred more often over time. One year, while on vacation, the stabbing pain happened a number of times and I decided I had to do something. I could not go on knowing this was going to be happening all of the time.

I had spoken with my doctor who suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon but I knew that if they suggested anything it would mean surgery and I did not want to go down that road. So I decided to have a chiropractic consultation.

On my first visit with Dr. Little I had a full body X-Ray, heat-sensing exam and consultation. Dr. Little was very confident that she could relieve the pressures that were causing my problem so I decided to go ahead with her treatment. I felt almost an immediate effect and since those treatments started, I never again experienced the debilitating pain I used to have in my neck.

I had to go twice a week for almost a year before I could cut-back on my treatments. The follow-up exams which displayed how my back and neck were responding to treatment were very interesting. I could actually “see” the change and it was interesting that colored bars matched with my own feelings about how I was progressing.

It has been a few years now and I go less often but I still continue on Wellness visits because I can feel the changes that start to occur if I don’t receive an adjustment.”

Eileen L.

“For  years I had severe headaches that were increasing in frequency. My physician did not have any treatment and after a CAT scan, could find no problems. I was living on aspirin, having eight- nine headaches a week. Never knowing when they would strike, but knowing they would I had aspirin in every conceivable place so I could take some at the first hint of a headache.

I finally tried chiropractic as a last resort. My wife had tried chiropractic treatment for a different issue, with good results. I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

On my first chiropractic exam I had a full body X-Ray, heat sensing exam and consult. I felt that my chiropractor understood what my body was doing and she proposed a course of action. Within a couple of weeks, my condition improved dramatically. I was no longer dependant on aspirin and the frequency of my headaches had diminished to only one or two a week.

Some years later, I still have an occasional headache and I still visit the chiropractor regularly. I have become much more attuned to the signals my body is giving me and I can actually tell when the stress in my head, neck and spine increases. Not getting treatment almost always results in a headache and I’d much rather receive an adjustment than feed my body aspirin! Looking back, I am always amazed how much my headaches had controlled my life and today, I am very grateful that having a chiropractic treatment has relieved me of those headaches.”

Josh L. 

“I started out as having back pain everyday some from sports related injuries and partly from the everyday strains from dance and softball. I had tried physical therapy, exercise and medication but not much seemed to help.

I was referred to Dr. Little by my mother who said that chiropractic had helped her. On my first visit Dr. Little took an X-Ray and scan to see what my spine looked like and what parts of my back needed the most work. 

Before chiropractic dancing and playing softball aggravated my back immensely. Now I can dance, run, play sports and go out with my friends. My back no longer hurts 24/7!! I also used to have frequent heartburn and that has gone away as well!

I was skeptical at first about chiropractic, but after seeing results I know I made the right choice!”

Kimberly L.

"Before I came to Dr. April, I had been dealing with back pain on and off for about a year and a half. I had been in a car accident several years earlier and played sports throughout my life with countless injuries, but specifically started feeling back pain the day after shoveling snow in March 2007. I bent over to dry myself off after a shower and could not get up. I had extremely painful spasms in my low back, causing me to stay in bed for a week. At that point, I decided to try physical therapy, but after about a month, and using all the visits my insurance will allow, I stopped going. I still had a significant amount of pain but continued to use the exercises they provided with the hope of strengthening my muscles and “fixing” my back on my own. When this did not work and my back started hurting more, I decided to try chiropractic. I went to a doctor in South Windsor who was covered by my insurance. After about a month of that, my back felt better, so I stopped going. About a year later in July 2008, I started to feel pain again. By that point, my cousin had started working for Dr. April and I decided to see if she could help me.

At this point, I was somewhat skeptical at the effectiveness of chiropractic, since my previous experience had not provided long-term benefits. However, I was very impressed with Dr. April from the beginning, since she would not adjust me until she had x-rays of my spine and knew what my back’s condition was. This was something that did not happen in my previous chiropractic experience. My x-rays showed that my lower spine was twisted to the right, and my upper spine had compensated by twisting to the left. In addition, my pelvis was 10 mm out of alignment and my neck was significantly straighter than it should have been. These results really shocked me, but Dr. April was supportive and helped me deal with the shock. She gave me several options for action plans, and I decided to go with the long-term plan because not only did I want to alleviate the pain, but also I wanted to get my back fixed, especially after seeing my x-rays. My plan included 6 months of adjustments, several re-exams and another set of x-rays. I am extremely happy that I made this decision. After only 3 months or treatment, my back’s condition was 50% better, with my pelvis only 5 mm out of alignment, the twists in my spine significantly decreased, and my neck was moving in the right direction! In addition, I was feeling no pain!

One of my biggest hobbies is running. I ran track throughout high school and continued running leisurely through college. When I hurt my back, it most definitely affected my running. I stopped for about a year after my back spasms started in March 2007. This caused some weight gain as well, since I was not moving as much. When I decided to go to Dr. April, I had started running again, which could have lead to the pain resurfacing. I continued running throughout my chiropractic care and felt stronger and stronger. Currently, I am training for a half marathon and I have never felt better! I have lost 20 pounds and I absolutely believe that it would not be possible if I had not gone to Dr. April.

Overall, I have improved dramatically in the past 10 months. Not only do I not feel any more pain, but also I have been able to regain my fitness and feel better about myself. I am comfortable while sitting at my desk at work for eight hours a day. I am currently coming in for adjustments once every two weeks to maintain my back health. With running and sitting at work all day, I definitely will continue chiropractic care to ensure that my spine stays healthy. To anyone who is considering chiropractic care, I would say, “Go for it! It definitely is worth the effort. I have tried other methods, and chiropractic not only relieves back pain, but corrects the problem that is causing it!”

Stephanie M.

“I have degenerative disk disease and was in intense pain from over working my back gardening and teaching clay classes to my art students. I had tried pain medication and when it didn’t fix the problem I was referred by my general practitioner to try chiropractic.

All of the areas showing abnormalities on the X-rays from my first visit corresponded to my discomfort centers. Dr. Little’s manipulations provided instant relief. I can now enjoy gardening, and painting. I still have to remember how to move my body and how not to move and I have to listen to my body.

I am very happy with my results-No more pain medication!! Relief was continuous and was instantaneous for me. Put your trust in Dr. Little she is a gifted chiropractor and a beautiful human being!”

Deb G. 

"Asthmatic bronchitis is what originally brought me to LifeForce Chiropractic.  I was having difficulty breathing and shortness of breath with any activity for the past two years.  It was bad enough for me to make life style changes I didn't want to make.

The treatments I had previously, improved my breathing, but required large amounts of steroid usage including inhalers and prednisone which caused weight gain (50+ pounds).  Not only was I taking prednisone for my lungs but also Advair and Flonase.  I had been to a chiropractor before and knew that chiropractic would help.

During my first visit to LifeForce Chiropractic I liked the open, friendly atmosphere, and the location is convenient.  We developed a year program and I am now in my second month. My breathing is greatly improved and I have reduced my steroid use dramatically.  Most people in my office are watching my progress as my health improves through chiropractic care.  I recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is suffering, in pain, or just looking to better their health." 

Ken O.

Dr. April,

I wanted to thank you for adjusting my neck and back at a moments notice before my big race.  Considering how bad my neck and back hurt, I was worried that all my training was going down the tube.  However, on Saturday I ran the whole marathon with no pain at all!  I really appreciate your help!

Thanks again.

Marty S.